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Rent only the pieces you truly want (no minimum quantities)

Complimentary Local Delivery or Local Pickup (up to 50 miles round trip)

5 day rental period is standard (take your time and enjoy)

All items are priced according to just two categories - Standard or Premium. Standard items are quality pieces in excellent condition. Premium items are very high quality pieces in excellent condition.

For example, a standard 5pc. place setting (dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, teacup and saucer) rents for $6.00per person. A premium 5pc. place setting rents for $8.00per person. New, comparable retail equivalents can easily run up to as much as $125.00 or more per person. Renting saves money! Fear of commitment…no problem. Change your pattern with every event.


PREMIUM PATTERNS dinner $2.50 salad/luncheon plate $2.00 dessert plate $2.00 coupe soup bowl $2.00 bowl $2.00 fruit bowl $1.50 bread and butter plate $1.50 stemmed compote (glass) $2.50 teacup/saucer set $2.00

STANDARD PATTERNS dinner $2.00 salad/luncheon $1.50 dessert/cake plate $1.50 coupe soup bowl $1.50 bowl $1.50 fruit bowl $1.00 bread and butter $1.00 Stemmed compote (glass) $1.50 teacup/saucer set $1.50

GLASSWARE PRICING (price shown is for premium and then standard)

Goblet large $2.50, $1.50 Goblet medium $2.00, $1.00 Goblet small $2.00, $1.00 Stemmed compote $2.50, $1.50 Champagne $2.50, $1.50
Margarita $2.00, $1.00 Martini $2.50, $1.50
Cordial $2.00, $1.00
Tumbler tall $2.50, $1.50 Tumbler medium $2.00, $1.00 Rocks $2.00, $1.00
Shot glass $1.00, $.75 Mug $1.25, $1.00

INTERESTING in PURCHASING an item? Contact us for consideration. Thank you.

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